Alloy Wheel & Rim Repair

Your vehicle’s alloy wheels are designed with long-lasting strength and durability in mind. However, they can become bent, scratched, or damaged over time. These issues do more than make your car look worn. They also affect the vehicle’s value and your ability to safely drive your car. At Global Collision Center, we are your complete source for alloy wheel and rim repair services in the Atlanta area. We service all makes and models, and we are thrilled to restore your car’s wheels to their original condition.

Types of Wheel Damage We Repair

Your car’s wheels endure tremendous forces through regular driving activities. Minor and major mishaps inflict additional abuse. These forces can create scratches, minor or major dents, and curb rash. They can even bend or crack the wheels. Our experienced technicians can repair these and other types of wheel damage with beautiful results.

Wheel Refinishing

You understandably want to keep your car’s wheels looking like new, and wheel refinishing is an important part of that. Our technicians utilize OEM-approved paint to create a perfect match of the wheels’ original color. We can remove corrosion and scratches throughout the wheel face, spokes, and lip. Our technicians can also address the unsightly appearance of a peeling clear coat.

Wheel Straightening

Your wheels must be straight for your vehicle to operate smoothly and safely. Bends and other issues with the wheels’ shape can result in tire air loss, vibrations on the road, misalignment, and reduced traction. Our services include straightening lateral bends, radial bends, and other issues.

OEM Replacement Wheels

If your vehicle’s wheels are severely damaged, a better solution is to replace the wheels. As your preferred collision center in the Atlanta area, we only use OEM replacement wheels. These are an exact match to the car’s original wheels.

Are you ready to learn more about our alloy wheel and rim repair services? Contact our Atlanta collision center today for more information or to schedule an appointment.